Document sans nom



Before any thing, you can share under no circumstances your login and password, with whoever it is.
If you are owner of a flat in a jointly-owned building of a site, every owner must have his own access: no distribution is allowed

As for any thing, there are rules , you accept these rules and you promise to respect them.
Here are rules to be respected, if not your count will be abolished and it without any refund!

Each of these conditions can be raised, if you acquire the approval of the holder of rights.
I save right to change these conditions at any time.

Livejournal, Blog, myspace ect …
You can sell your creations from my graphs but you cannot give your creations except if you have a section member.

You must respect the same rules as for the normal sites for protection against theft.
You can decorate your blog as a normal Website, webset, clock, sigtag, blinkies, but for your personal usage only.

It is strictly forbidden to give a free service of creation with my graph.
You can create sigtag for free, but you must give them with the name of the person and in a section prived.


Tube Pixel

You MUST inscribe my credit with a link back on the same page or is my graphs.
You MUST ABSOLUTELY stage them before using them (ex: to top up of is fragrant, a figure..)

You CAN make websets, themes WP, adoptions, sigtags, papers IM
You ONCE CAN your creation finished, to sell final outcome. (ex: WP, adoption, sigtags ect..)
You CAN enlivened my graphs

You CANNOT give them on your site in a collection or a pack.
You CANNOT change them, re-colour in them.
You CANNOT write tutorials from my styles of drawing
You CANNOT use them such as they are delivered to you: you must absolutely stage them
You CANNOT take away an element of a graph to put it on other one
You CANNOT use my graphs as model to make your own linearts or graph
You CANNOT give graph my on your site, on cd, in a maker or others
You CANNOT share them on groups as google, yahoo, msn…

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please, feel free to contact me.
thank you